Nebraska Grassroots Progressives Releases Nebraska Primary Endorsements

May 1st, 2018
Ken Riter: ksriteratgmaildotcom 531-205-3193

Nebraska Grassroots Progressives offers Nebraska voters several progressive choices in 2018, who will help move our state & our country in a positive political direction.

Omaha, NE: Nebraska Grassroots Progressives, announces endorsements of several area candidates in the May 15th 2018 Primary. The endorsed candidates are:

Kara Eastman – Congress – CD2
Chris Janicek – US Senate
Linda Bowman – Learning Community – District 1
Jake Seeman – MCC Board of Governors – District 2
Tonya Ward – Learning Community – District 5
Marque Snow – OPS Board – District 2
Jackie Collett – Unicameral – LD20
ChrisAnne Dienstbier – Unicameral – LD20
Andrew Stock – Lancaster County Treasurer

Yes To OPS Bond Measure.

Nebraska Grassroots Progressives says their endorsement slate offers Nebraskans a much needed definitive and progressive point of view in local area politics.

“I’m proud of our slate of candidates,” says Ken Riter, Group Leader, “I hope they do well, and I think they will.” Ken Riter adds, “I challenge our candidates to tackle our nation’s deep racial issues, to sponsor or introduce policies that end race-based suffering, end poverty, hunger & homelessness, and offer marginalized persons a permanent escape from the violence of state enforced police brutality.”

Progressive activist Carol Dicks points out, “Nebraskans need representatives who are unafraid to work toward radically reducing greenhouse gas emissions, confronting how racism affects us all, prioritizing all levels of education, narrowing the income and wealth gap, and promoting universal health care.”

Nebraska Grassroots Progressives began as a group of activists coming together in early 2016, right after the Nebraska Caucus, with the hopes of cleaning out corruption in the Democratic Party, while shifting Nebraska’s political landscape to the left.

“The candidates we endorsed are an important representation of the fact that if we have any chance to win, we need to steer hard and proud to the left and be crystal clear that our values include things like universal healthcare and a living minimum wage,” says progressive activist Becky Curlis.

Nebraska Grassroots Progressives also endorsed candidates in the 2016 & 2017 election cycles.


Nebraska Grassroots Progressives is a volunteer-led Grassroots Progressive movement, which focuses on ensuring the enactment of a bold, sensible progressive agenda across Nebraska.


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